Check your Hotel Reservations

With competition season just around the corner, we wanted to remind everyone to check on your hotel reservations.  Click here to access the Competition Hotel Info webpage.

Second, we heard from a couple of people yesterday that their Westin Peachtree Plaza reservations (for the Revolution Dance competition, April 17-19) were cancelled (an email was sent to them saying it had been cancelled).   We heard from our Westin rep that this was due to a glitch in their reservation system. They are working to resolve the issue (hopefully by end of day today), and the reservations will be reinstated. However, if you have a reservation at the Westin, we would recommend that you check on it to be sure you still have it.

If you have an issue with a reservation that is part of one of our hotel reservation blocks, please email us at, and we will ask our Hotel Reservation Coordinator team to get involved.