ICYWW…Reminders about Illness Prevention

With all of the flu and virus talk that is on top of everyone’s minds, we thought we should put out a reminder about using common sense on whether to send your dancer to dance class or rehearsal.

First, if your dancer is running a fever, please do not have your dancer attend class at the studio. If your dancer is not feeling well, but does not have a fever, have her attend dance class…but she must observe the class and take notes when appropriate (no being on her phone, doing homework, etc. is allowed). Also, please let Cheryl know of her illness via the FootNotes email address (footnotesdance@comcast.net) so that she is aware that your dancer will be either “sitting out in class” or “not present.”

Second, whether at school, dance, or your home, have your dancer wash her hands often with soap and water for 20 seconds, and avoid touching her eyes, nose, or mouth with unwashed hands.

Third, bring a small hand sanitizer to use before eating a snack or other food in case your dancer does not have time to wash her hands in the restroom.

The studio uses Lysol to clean the air of germs each day.

We hope everyone stays well throughout this season!