All About Competition + Preliminary Schedule for Masquerade

The All About Competition document has been refreshed/updated for the 2021 season.  It has been uploaded to the website. There is new information included in this version from Cheryl (for those that have been around for a while) so make sure you and your dancer give it a good read.  COVID guideline information (as much as we know) has been included as well.   Click here to access the Member Information page where this document resides.   Look for the **NEW** indicator.

Masquerade has provided Cheryl with our preliminary studio “block” competition schedule for Birmingham.

  • Our Solos will begin on Saturday, March 13 around 9pm and finish around 10:30pm.  Dancer Arrival for Solos is 8:30pm.
  • Group dances, duos, the trio and 2 solos (Paisley and Riley T.) will begin on Sunday, March 14, starting at 7:30am.  Dancer arrival is as early as 7am.  Our session will be completed by 11:45am.  
  • Note:  There will be 1 other studio competing at the venue at the same block time slot.

Arrival details (this will be more fleshed out once we have the detailed schedule from Masquerade):  We will be need to arrive at the venue 30 minutes prior to our block time.  It is imperative your dancer arrives at the venue stage ready (make-up and hair completely done), and ready to dance, with first costume on.  Cheryl recommends your dancer start stretching at the hotel.

2 guests are allowed in the audience for each dancer.  We are waiting to hear how many volunteer helpers are allowed backstage with the dancers.

We will post detailed schedule information as soon as it is made available.