More Info from Masquerade

We have received further information from Masquerade about their 2 guests per dancer policy.  This is a policy that we must abide by, so please review the details below:

  • All dancers and her (up to) 2 family members MUST have a completed Covid Waiver on file with Masquerade before arrival at the venue.
  • The link to the Birmingham waiver will be published 7 days prior to the event (likely available on Friday, March 5).  We will post an update when the waiver is available and explain how to access it.  Once you complete the waiver, you will need to follow the instructions to receive your dancer’s QR code that will allow your dancer into the venue. You must have this code available when entering the competition venue as it is required for the dancer check-in process.  
  • ONLY/UP to 2 family members are allowed to accompany the dancer into the venue (this means only 2 persons TOTAL can accompany the dancer during/at any area of the venue.)  This will be strictly enforced by Masquerade. 
  • All dancer and the “up to 2” family members MUST ARRIVE AT THE SAME TIME during your studio’s check-in time.   A waiver is required for each dancer and her TWO guests.  The waiver must include the family members that are entering the facility at the same time as the dancer.
  • The guardian/guest(s) are also agreeing to the terms of the waiver and WILL NOT need to fill out their own.   They will be attached to the dancer’s waiver.
  • If a family has multiple dancers, you will receive 2 QR Codes, one for each dancer that you must present at check-in.
  • Upon receiving your waiver confirmation and temperature check at check-in, wristbands will be issued.  If your wristband is removed, you will not be re-admitted to the venue/competition.