Reminders for LOC this Weekend

A few reminders for this weekend’s competition:

  1. Cheryl will be giving out clear masks to each dancer today (Wednesday) and Thursday.  Please make sure your dancer receives a clear mask as this is likely what our dancers will wear on stage at this weekend’s competition.  There are a couple of “to do’s” for the clear mask that must be completed prior to Sunday’s competition:
    • Please adjust the ear strap to ensure it fits snugly on your dancer’s face.  Make a knot where it will fit snugly behind the ear, and then clip off the excess of the ear strap.   
    • Please apply liquid make-up in the shade of your dancer’s skin to the white fabric ear straps on the mask.  Please allow it to dry fully ahead of Sunday’s competition.
    • Dancers will wear lipstick when wearing the clear mask for competitions.   So, please make sure that it is packed with you on Sunday. 
    • Please remember to bring the skin-colored mask your dancer received for the Masquerade competition in case it is decided to wear those for this weekend’s competition.  AND, have your dancer bring her own mask to wear when she is not dancing. 
  2. Please remember to sign the LOC Smart Waiver for you and your dancer by end of day, Friday, March 26.  It is required for entry into the venue/competition.   Click here to access the LOC waiver.
  3. Remember to review “all the details” about this weekend’s competition.  Click here to be directed to the password protected League Of Champions 2021 webpage.
  4. Big and Little Sisters…please write a note of encouragement to “cheer on” your Big or Little Sister this weekend.