New Season’s Group Moms & Member Information page updates

We wanted to introduce our Group Moms for this new 2021-2022 dance season!   

  • Bravo Group Mom – Fran Conlan
  • Elite Group Mom – Sara Guyer
  • Encore Group Mom – Zari Hixson
  • Ovation Group Mom – Randi Bernstein & Jennifer Mullins
  • Premier Group Mom – Kathryn Hamrlik
  • Starlet Group Mom – Loren Akin 

Your group’s Group Mom will be your ‘main’ communication liaison for all things related to your dance group this season.  She will be in touch soon if she hasn’t already done so.         

Thank you, ladies, for stepping up into these roles for the new dance season!  

We are working on the Volunteer Survey form for all other volunteer roles in Vibe.  We will send that out for your feedback as soon as it is ready.   

Also, the Vibe 2021-2022 Member Information web page is now active under the Members Only section of the website.  Please click here to access the Vibe Member Information web page.  As a reminder, this page is password protected.  The password was sent out via email to all members in the “Welcome” email sent on July 8.

The Member Information webpage contains several documents:

  1.  The 2021-2022 Member Directory which lists all dancer info by group name/by dancer first name.   Please review your dancer’s directory information for any errors or changes needed. If you find anything that needs correcting, please communicate the change via the Member Directory Updates form also listed on the Member Information webpage.
  2. The 2021-2022 Vibe Handbook (which contains the Vibe contract that needs to be turned into FootNotes if you have not already done so).
  3. This season’s Payment Plans for each dance group, as well as the Additional Solo/Duo/Trio/Small Group payment plan.
  4. If your dancer has any additional/new Schedule Conflict updates that you need to communicate, there is a form on the Member Information webpage to communicate those additions and/or changes to us.